Personalized Weight Management Program

A personalized and integrative 12-week program to help you
reach your health and weight management goals.

April-June, 2018

Included in the program:

  • Nutritional consultations with integrative pharmacist Lucinda Harms, RPh. The initial consult will set up your personalized nutrition program to include goal setting for your weight management and/or overall health. Near the end of the 12-week program you will have a follow-up session with Lucinda to evaluate your progress. If you have previously had a nutritional consultation with Lucinda, this portion may be abbreviated and reduce your program cost.


  • Comprehensive bio-mechanical evaluation with chiropractor Dr. Dana Nelson. This evaluation will identify dysfunction in the way your body moves which may or may not be contributing to pain in your daily life. This includes setting goals for your activities of daily living and/or workout goals. It will provide a framework for the appropriate corrective exercise protocol for you. Dr. Nelson keeps the exercises simple and can be done with little to no equipment at home. Your insurance may cover a portion of the bio-mechanical evaluation, which may reduce your cost. You will be responsible for any co-payments.


  • Recommended nutritional foundation supplements. Nutrition is a vital aspect of weight management. These high quality supplements help form the foundation for your health to achieve your goals.  A 12-week supply of core supplements are included in the price of the program. If your recommendations are different than the core supplements, your cost will be adjusted accordingly.  


  • Healthy lifestyle interactive workshops led by Lucinda Harms, RPh. These are informal gatherings to include educational nutritional talks, recipe sharing, taste samples of healthy dishes, and discussion groups.  Studies show sharing your weight management journey with a supportive community helps you to achieve your goals.


Program Cost: Due to the personalized nature of this program, costs will vary from person to person. Portions of the program may also be covered by your insurance. Please call our office at 319-627-6461 or email us at [email protected] for your personalized quote!