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Active Health Protocol™

What you eat may be wreaking
havoc on your body.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Active Health Protocol™ Free Mini Course

Why should I follow The Active Health Protocol?

If you are dealing with weight issues, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, gut issues, brain fog or any other chronic or debilitating health issue, dietary changes may be key to getting to the root of the problem and to resolution of the some or all of the symptoms.

There are some key foods/food groups that are common triggers for these kinds of chronic health issues and elimination of these foods for a period of time is the only way to determine if food could be at the root of the problem.

Many health conditions respond to dietary changes, such as diabetes. Blood sugars can be lowered, leading to a lower risk of long term complications.

GI complaints such as Irritable bowel syndrome, heartburn, reflux, constipation or diarrhea may also respond well to dietary changes that are strategic and systematic.

One common complaint among participants is bloating and many report less bloating through participation in the AHP.  

Often sleep is improved leading to more energy and clearer thinking.

Frequency and severity of headaches may also improve with key dietary changes.

The Active Health Protocol™ is not designed to treat any diseases. It is a method for discovering what foods are helping you and which foods are hurting.

Many times, when you stop eating offending foods, symptoms can lessen or go away altogether.

Discover your unique nutritional blueprint!
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Integrative health consultations with Lucinda Harms, RPh, a licensed pharmacist that specializes in using nutritional supplements and herbs, along with diet and lifestyle recommendations, to help people achieve better health. The initial consult will serve to screen for potential issues to be addressed.  Near the end of the 12-week program you will have a follow-up session with Lucinda to evaluate your progress

trained pharmacist | Active Health Chiropractic and Wellness

Recommended nutritional foundation supplements. Nutrition is a vital aspect of your overall health. These high quality supplements help form the foundation for your health to achieve your goals.  A 12-week supply of core supplements are included in the price of the master course.

Healthy lifestyle classes led by Lucinda Harms, RPh. These are informal gatherings that include educational nutritional talks, recipe sharing, tasting samples of healthy dishes, and discussion groups. Studies show sharing your health journey with a supportive community helps you to achieve your goals.

New this year!!! This Master Course has an online option! No matter where in the world you live, you can enjoy the benefits of this life-changing program!

Discover your unique nutritional blueprint!
Join the Active Health Protocol™ Free Mini Course

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